Having a vacation rental can mean the difference between having a great vacation that’s stress-free and having to worry about packing every single thing you and your family need before leaving. Spending time with family should be care-free and fun. Having your own vacation rental allows you to have a place to store all or most of your beloved and necessary items in your favorite place.

If you love the beach, a home in a beachy town can mean the difference between weeks of planning for a vacation and—when you own your own vacation rental–deciding to go to the beach on the spur of the moment.

Just to illustrate how much easier it is to own your own vacation rental, here are four things that people almost always forget to bring on vacation. Having all of these items can mean the difference between scrambling around and being able to relax.


If there’s a special type of shampoo you like, you might forget it and have to find it when you get to your destination. Love that specific perfume your partner got you for your birthday last year? That can sometimes be costly to replace last-minute during a vacation. It can be prescription-strength deodorant, a special flavor of toothpaste – the list goes on and on. But, if it makes your life more enjoyable and better, you should absolutely have access to it on vacation. At a vacation rental, you can either leave those items in bulk for you and your guests to use or you could have a locked cabinet accessible to you for your visits, but not your rental guests.


If there’s an important prescription in your life, the chances are that you might forget it in the flurry of activities before vacation. Worse yet would be to get where you’re going and run out of necessary medication. If it’s possible to leave a bottle of your needed medicines at your vacation rental, locked away to prevent misuse, it can give you peace of mind. Knowing that your medicine is there and waiting for you if you decide on a last-minute visit can be very comforting. 

Extra Clothes & Towels

Packing for vacation can be such a gamble. If you’re headed to the mountains and it calls for rain during your entire trip you might not pack your hiking boots. Without access to a pair, the weather might turn and you’d miss out on beautiful hikes. If the temps are supposed to be mild and too cool at the beach you might not pack beach towels. You’d then be in a jam if the weather became nice and the kids wanted to go to the beach. If you have a vacation rental you can always leave extra sets of needed items to use. This is also one less thing to pack and think about before going on vacation! Win-win!

The Trappings for a Romantic Evening

Ever pulled out the candles and romantic music to realize that there’s no lighter or matches anywhere in sight? Yikes. If you own your vacation rental you can always keep it stocked with little luxuries that your partner likes. Having knowledge of the space can also help planning any date night ideas. Want to make a romantic pasta dinner? If you get to a vacation rental and realize there are no pots and pans, you have to rethink the entire evening.

Trust Jessica Nasib to Help You Find Your Perfect Vacation Home

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