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Contact Jessica Nasib to discuss how she can make the buying journey an enjoyable one for you.  Miami is an extremely competitive market and having an expert real estate agent like Jessica will improve your home-buying experience.

How We Help You Buy A Home in Miami

With an excellent understanding of the market, Jessica shines when it comes to recognizing each client’s needs. She can guide you through the buying process while reducing stress and problems along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, it’s never too early to speak with an agent. Jessica Nasib is known for getting to know her clients personally, and establishing a relationship in which she evaluates the needs of her clients first. Even if you’re “just browsing,” an expert’s knowledge will give you at least an outline of where to start.

Next, figure out the price range that fits your budget. You can use online mortgage calculators, or speak with a lender for pre-approval to have an idea of what range suits your income and lifestyle.

After determining your budget range, think about the location, size and style that fits your needs best.

With this knowledge, keep a watch on how much the homes you desire are selling for, and how long they’re on the market for sale. Compare this to your price range. Can you meet the size and location requirements you desire?

The more knowledge you have going into purchasing a home, the better prepared you are for what you can expect in the process.

This answer depends on many factors, but a general rule of thumb is to limit your mortgage to 15-30%  of your monthly income, if you are planning on putting down a down payment of 20%. Talk to your lender about pre-approval to know what price range fits your budget best.

To put it simply, you’re not required to have one, but most people are better off with one. Why? While the each step in the process might sound like something you can do, a professional like Jessica has the experience to navigate through the process, to get you the best outcome.

Instead of being concerned that you paid too much working on your own, consider what value Jessica presents that not everyone has access to:

  • Data from MLS, tax rolls, and recent sales history to determine a true market value
  • Access to a home’s historical documents
  • Area trends and data
  • Expertise in pricing strategy and in preparing a persuasive offer
  • Knowledge for reviewing documents for loopholes and how to obtain disclosures
  • 20+ years of experience and understanding through the entire process

These costs can vary, but they refer to the costs associated with closing on the house. Examples include an origination fee, which is the fee charged by a bank for the creation of a loan. Closing costs can typically come to a total of 2-5% of the purchasing price.

A lot goes into the process of buying a home. Jessica Nasib is well versed in guiding buyers through each step so it’s an enjoyable, stress-free experience. Working with Jessica Nasib, you can expect her to help with:

  • Assessing your needs to find properties that fit your specifications
  • Setting up & assisting with showings, even viewing them for you if needed
  • Doing the right research for the home you want
  • Structuring your offer
  • Proposing your offer
  • Negotiating the offer and terms
  • Providing resources for home inspections, attorneys, and insurance agents
  • Anything else in the process

To be prepared, do your research, and start by having a conversation with Jessica today.

As with most steps in the home buying process, the length of time it takes to purchase depends on a number of factors. In general, you’ll want to assume about 3 months from shopping to closing, and possibly longer. But if everything aligns and things move faster, the possibility is there to close in as little as 1 month.

Miami Beach and the Miami area. Contact Jessica to learn if she can cover your exact location.

There are a lot of highly recommended suburbs in the Miami area. Some of the highest rated include:

Weston: Named one of the top 10 suburbs to live in the United States and in the top 100 safest cities as well.

Coral gables: Southwest of Miami, and appropriately coined “The City Beautiful” by its designer George Merrick, this small city has a vibrant downtown with boutiques, restaurants and plenty of entertainment.  

Key Biscayne : This suburb is quite the picturesque town, with a family-friendly beach, great schools and low crime.

Talk to Jessica about what you’re looking for in a suburb to learn more about areas that might suite your needs most.

Call Jessica Nasib

When you want to get the best Miami real estate experience, then it’s time to contact Jessica Nasib. Jessica will help you find the Miami home of your dreams. Start by contacting Jessica today. She’ll help you make the most of your Miami home buying process. 

What Clients Say

Jessica Nasib is very thorough with her clients. She’s easy to work with and puts the best interest of the client into consideration each step of the way. I have no complaints and would gladly recommend Jess to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

Dar Manarang

I just closed on home a that Jess helped us purchase. She was a pleasure to work with from start to finish – she really listened to what we were looking for and took time to get to know us so that we could find places that would be right for us. She also really knows the area and could speak to the pros and cons of the different neighborhoods.

We initially had a realtor that wasn’t right for us: he was pushy and pretentious. Jess is the opposite of that; she never pressured us to hurry and remained positive throughout the entire process. She was also professional. We highly recommend her!

Angie Oliver

We loved working with Jess. I cannot say enough about her professionalism and most importantly patience to get our condo sold for the right price.

We initially took a very meticulous approach to find the right agent. We interviewed 3 agents and went forward with a highly touted realtor in the Miami Beach area. We didn’t have much luck and then came Jess who exceeded our expectations. She was patient and diligent. Her communication throughout the whole process was exemplary. She met all of our criteria in selling our condo: right price, right buyer, right support.

If you’re looking an exceptional realtor, please go with her. My wife and I can truly say that Jess is now a good friend of ours!

Michael and Evelyn Leduc

I highly recommend Jess. A friend of mine referred me to her and I’m lucky she did. After renting in a building that felt like a hotel in Miami Beach, I needed something new, a place I can call home. We met over the phone and scheduled appointments. Based on our conversation, Jess narrowed down the search the few properties that met my criteria. I can’t be happier that in the condo she found for me. I can now finally say that I have a place I can call Home. Thank you Jess!

Vasile Turcan