Miami neighborhood

Are you a young professional and overwhelmed with choosing a Miami neighborhood? We understand that where you live is a big decision and Miami has many options. The good news is that there are several Miami neighborhoods that are perfect for young professionals, looking to find a balance. Here are a few great neighborhoods to get started.

Downtown – The Ultimate Miami Neighborhood

If you want to be close to all the action, then downtown is the Miami neighborhood for you. If you live downtown, you will be close to the business district, museums, and some of the best architecture in the city. Downtown is easily walkable, especially if you are always looking for the next best place to eat. Another benefit of living downtown is being close to the water.


In terms of location, Brickell is hard to beat because there is something for everyone. This Miami neighborhood is near downtown, but also close to interstate 95. Don’t worry if you don’t have a car, because the Metrorail and the free metro trolley provide many stops.  Grocery stores, pharmacies, and even a high-end fashion center are all within arm’s reach in Brickell. Rent is pricey in this desirable neighborhood, but there are plenty of options to choose from.

Coconut Grove

If you don’t have a car, then Coconut Grove is the neighborhood for you. With a walk score of 75, the streets are easily walkable with plenty of resources nearby. The food scene is fresh and there is a great weekly farmer’s market open each weekend. You can work hard during the week and play hard on the weekends. Word on the street is that Coconut Grove residents can access the pool at the Ritz Carlton for free.

Edgewater – A Miami Neighborhood with a Short Commute

Edgewater is a great Miami neighborhood if you are looking for something quiet. It’s the perfect in-between because you are still close to downtown but far enough out to feel more at peace. Edgewater is home to one of the most gorgeous parks in Miami: Margaret Peace Park. The green space offers a little something for everyone – lush greenery, trails, and water.

Jessica Nasib Knows All the Miami Neighborhood Options

If you are a young professional moving to Miami, then Jessica Nasib is here to help. Even if you are already a Miami resident, we can give you a fresh take on the best places to live for your lifestyle. If you’ve got a good real-estate team behind you, there’s no reason to hesitate. Give our team a call today or visit our website to get started.