Miami is a haven for art lovers everywhere. This city blends art from different cultures and time periods, creating a rich experience no matter when you decide to go. Are you looking for the best artsy things to do in Miami? You can start with our suggestions below.


For Visual Art Lovers

Do you love paintings, sculptures, and other visual art? Then you won’t run out of things to do in Miami. The architecture itself is full of artistic expression, so all you have to do is walk around the city.


That said, there are also lots of art museums that you can explore. Start with the Institute of Contemporary Art. The ICA is free to the public. Even the guided tours are free. The ICA is perfect for those who like innovative, out-of-the-box art.


If you like both modern and postmodern art, then you’ll enjoy the Perez Art Museum. This museum’s art comes from all around the world. People love the art inside, but the views outside are quite enjoyable, too.


If you’re looking for more traditional art pieces, then try the Lowe Art Museum. Lowe does feature contemporary and modern art, but it also features art that spans several time periods. In fact, some of its art pieces go all the way back to ancient Greece.


For Theatre Aficionados

For theatre lovers, there are lots of things to do in Miami. In Miami, a trip to the theatre becomes a full experience. The theatre’s atmosphere and architecture contribute to that experience. For example, you can see a show at the Olympia Theater. The Olympia has a long history, and it’s one of only two atmospheric theatres in Florida. It features live plays and musicals, dance, and music.


The Miami Theater Center is popular with tourists and locals. Here, you can experience modern theatre and dance. This theatre also hosts live bands. It even has children’s shows, so it’s a great place to bring the family.


For Music Enthusiasts

For those who love live music, there’s no better place than Miami. If you want a spontaneous experience, just walk around the beaches and boardwalks. On any given day, you’ll discover lots of live bands and singers. If you want to enjoy a concert, we recommend the Fillmore in Miami Beach. It hosts all kinds of bands from the most popular ones to more underground groups.


Things to Do in Miami

Of course, you could make all of these experiences a regular part of your life. If you become a local – even a part-time local – you’ll always have things to do in Miami. Jessica Nasib can help you become a part of this vibrant city. Ready to have a chat with an experienced, professional realtor? Contact Jessica today.