Miami is a vibrant city that grows bigger and more exciting by the day.


Some of the best Miami neighborhoods are close to main attractions like the beach, the downtown night scene, and other major sites.


There are so many opportunities to invest in some of Miami’s best neighborhoods. The city has experienced a spike in tourism and economic growth throughout the last three decades. This has only enhanced Miami’s desirability.


Coral Gables

Coral Gables is a historic area of Miami that’s long attracted visitors and tastemakers. The Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is just one example of the contribution of inventive residents, like David Fairchild, who have invested in the area.


Enjoy attractions like the Venetian Pool and the Bill Baggs State Park, which are perfect for appreciating the local scenery and taking in beautiful views.


Miami Beach

On a little island just outside Miami, there are hundreds of homes and condos available as dream vacation homes. Although it’s an island, Miami Beach is still one of the best Miami neighborhoods for rental homes and vacation homes.


When you invest in a Miami Beach home, you’re close to the beach and the city at a moment’s notice. Additionally, properties in this area will more than likely rise in value as the neighborhood becomes more and more popular.


Little Havana

This is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Miami, and for good reason. With wonderful restaurants, a great atmosphere, and beautiful attractions, it’s always been a top 10 neighborhood and a jewel in the city’s crown.


Enjoy a night of dancing, a delicious meal, and more in this beautiful neighborhood. Main attractions like Marlins Park, Calle Ocho, and an outdoor market compliment hot Latin clubs and so many delicious Cuban restaurants.



Cruise the town in Brickell, Miami’s financial district. You can enjoy attractions like Simpson Park, the scrappy and small park in the middle of the skyscraper-ladened heart of the city. In addition, the area boasts new condos and apartments.


From soccer rooftop leagues to fusion restaurants and nightlife, there’s no end of things to do in Brickell. This area is ideal if you want to be connected to a growing and energetic community.


South Beach

Miami’s premier LGBTQ+ neighborhood is a gorgeous and fun option for enjoying delightful attractions, nightlife and more. Cruising Ocean Drive and enjoying an Art Deco tour should be near or at the top of your favorites list in South Beach.


South Beach has always been a popular destination and will continue to be so for years to come. This is one of the best Miami neighborhoods for part-time residents.



The famous Wynwood District, rife with murals, is the main attraction in Allapattah. Colorful murals run the length of the Wynwood District and make for beautiful photo ops.


Allapattah is truly one of the best Miami neighborhoods for part-time residents, as it sits both inside and outside the city. The area is residential but also commercial in pockets like the Wynwood District.


Investing in Miami is always a win-win. There are so many neighborhoods to enjoy, and each can present new and exciting opportunities to explore. If you’re interested in exploring real estate investment ideas, Jessica Nasib and her team can help you find your perfect vacation home today. Call or reach out today to get Jessica’s help finding your dream rental home.

best Miami neighborhoods for part-time residents