When it comes to Miami travel, you already know the basics. You know about the beaches, the nightlife, and the shopping. Basically, you know what the travel brochures can tell you. However, Miami has so much more to offer. Looking for lesser-known reasons to travel to Miami? Here are some of Miami’s best-kept secrets.


It’s Better in the Off Season

Miami tourism season is great. The beaches are vibrant, you can meet a lot of new friends, and there’s no shortage of things to do. That said, there’s nothing like Miami travel in the off season. Lots of people choose to own their vacation properties for this reason. It gives them the freedom to travel whenever they’d like. If you like the beaches but don’t want to deal with the crowds, then the off season is for you. You’ll also get to set your own pace. If you want to slow down a little and really get to know the city, you want to visit in the off season.


The Best Adventures Are Free

Miami travel sites and brochures all want you to spend money. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it also means that they won’t tell you about all of the free things that you can do. When you get to spend more than a week or so here, you’ll discover all the best no-cost adventures. For example, did you know that there’s an underwater Atlantis replica in Biscayne Bay? It’s free for all divers, although you can also rent a boat to get there.


The Pools Are as Nice as the Beaches

When people talk about Miami, most will mention the beaches. However, the pools are just as nice. They’re large, clean, and luxurious, and you’ll have no shortage of options. Take the Hyde Beach Club, for example. It provides a gorgeous swimming experience with lots of delicious things to eat and drink.


You Have Non-Tourist Shopping Options

Everyone loves shopping as a tourist. New clothes and souvenirs really take a vacation to the next level. When it comes to Miami shopping, you basically have limitless options. However, if you want a deeper shopping experience, Miami is still the best. Check out the artisanal shops, independent bookstores, and other amazing shopping experiences.


Miami Travel

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