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Jessica has access to some of the best condo listings in Miami. If you want to find the condo of your dreams, your best bet is to get Jessica on your side. Both buyers and sellers trust Jessica because of her experience and professionalism. As a result, she has plenty of listings to show you.

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Buying a Miami condo gives you a great chance to experience the city. Miami is full of art, culture, and excellent food. What better way to get a front row seat than owning your own condo here? You can stay for a few days at a time in a hotel, but condo ownership truly gives you the best experience. Jessica is here to help you get that full experience. Let her help you find your perfect condo.

Living, Vacationing, Investing

Ready to move to Miami permanently? Or do you need a place to stay when you vacation here? Maybe you’re looking for an investment property – a place to sell or rent to other vacationers. Whatever your reason for buying a Miami condo, Jessica is here to help. She’s worked with all sorts of clients with different reasons for buying a condo. In all cases, Jessica has the advice and help that you need during your search.

Your Range of Styles

Miami condos come in a range of styles, sizes, and other options. Whether you just want the bare bones of a condo, a luxury space, or anything in between, Jessica can help you find what you’re looking for. You let her know what you need from your condo, and Jessica will get to work finding you the perfect one.

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When you want to get the best Miami real estate experience, then it’s time to contact Jessica Nasib. Jessica will help you find the Miami home of your dreams. Start by contacting Jessica today. She’ll help you make the most of your Miami home buying process. 

What Clients Say

Jessica Nasib is very thorough with her clients. She’s easy to work with and puts the best interest of the client into consideration each step of the way. I have no complaints and would gladly recommend Jess to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

Dar Manarang

I just closed on home a that Jess helped us purchase. She was a pleasure to work with from start to finish – she really listened to what we were looking for and took time to get to know us so that we could find places that would be right for us. She also really knows the area and could speak to the pros and cons of the different neighborhoods.

We initially had a realtor that wasn’t right for us: he was pushy and pretentious. Jess is the opposite of that; she never pressured us to hurry and remained positive throughout the entire process. She was also professional. We highly recommend her!

Angie Oliver

We loved working with Jess. I cannot say enough about her professionalism and most importantly patience to get our condo sold for the right price.

We initially took a very meticulous approach to find the right agent. We interviewed 3 agents and went forward with a highly touted realtor in the Miami Beach area. We didn’t have much luck and then came Jess who exceeded our expectations. She was patient and diligent. Her communication throughout the whole process was exemplary. She met all of our criteria in selling our condo: right price, right buyer, right support.

If you’re looking an exceptional realtor, please go with her. My wife and I can truly say that Jess is now a good friend of ours!

Michael and Evelyn Leduc

I highly recommend Jess. A friend of mine referred me to her and I’m lucky she did. After renting in a building that felt like a hotel in Miami Beach, I needed something new, a place I can call home. We met over the phone and scheduled appointments. Based on our conversation, Jess narrowed down the search the few properties that met my criteria. I can’t be happier that in the condo she found for me. I can now finally say that I have a place I can call Home. Thank you Jess!

Vasile Turcan